With over 10 solid years of experience gathered working with different online loans, Texas Loans Guide has risen to the ranks of authority when it comes to gathering the right information regarding loans and lenders.

Our expertise in the field and research prowess has given us managerial access to one of the leading loan forums on the internet where all things loans are tabled and discussed.
We have a mission to deliver well-researched content which is not only useful to borrowers, but also makes an interesting read. Our quest to help with valuable information has led us to find lenders that accept bad credit borrowers since this is something most people are interested in. We also compare lenders and showcase those with the low APR rates.

Lenders we display on our website are tailored for you – as they are lenders who are available in the state you visit us from. We also try as much as possible to include as many lenders as possible, giving you the option of choice so you can pick out the best offers.

What we do

We are an online loan comparison website that strives to provide updated content on lenders while providing details of as many lenders as possible.
Our aim is to help you connect with the right lender for you, by offering details of various lenders so you can compare their stats (hard credit checks, APR rates) and decide which lender is right for you.

All content on our website is free, and you don’t pay a cent for them. It should be clear that we don’t have delegates calling prospects. So if anyone calls you claiming to represent us, please report as we not affiliated with them.